Giving back and reaching out…



He was called the “Black Bruce Lee” when he was nine.  He was a black belt at 12.

He was in jail when he was 13.

Now he’s a star, featured in virtually every martial arts magazine in the country.  His kicks and punches have helped him win awards and tournaments all over the country, and made him a seven-time world champion.

So when he says the martial arts are better than drugs, better than crime, better than running the streets, he knows what he’s talking about.  And when he says being a part of his Stronger Than Drugs Foundation is a better way for at-risk kids to go, it’s worth a listen.

He’s Professor Bam.  If you saw him on the street, you might not think twice.  He’s not big.  He’s not flashy.  But he can take on people twice his size and come out a winner, not with physical force, but with a peaceful resolution.  And he can teach these techniques, as well as many others, to the kids you know who need help:  students, club members, whatever kids you care about.



He’s Willie Johnson, better known as Professor Bam.  Give him kids who’ve made a mistake or two, or are headed in that direction, and his hand-picked instructors will begin by teaching them all about martial arts.  The moves.  The discipline.  How to protect yourself.  Everything they’ve seen in the movies.

He’ll also teach them how to be proud of themselves.  How to do what’s right.  How to be strong and make their own decisions.  How to be true to themselves, smart about their lives, in control.

He’s run the streets, sold drugs, done time.  Believe him, it’s no life.

And it’s not the life he wants them to have.  Because he cares about them and what happens to them.



They have to promise to try his way.  That means showing up, ready to practice.  Living the life they know they should.  Not getting mixed up in stupid stuff.

The rules are tough, but fair.  They’ll learn what’s expected of them, how to live up to those expectations, and the consequences if they don’t.

He’s giving his time and money to help them.  He’s serious about it.  That goes a long way towards having them take it seriously, too.


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