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What people have to say about The BAM (Mr. Willie Johnson)


I really enjoyed meeting The Bam. I’ve heard great things about him for years

and now I know why. Hopefully, we will work together real soon in a film

and can put his exceptional talents to work.

Someone told me about the personal struggles The Bam encounters daily in

everyday life and his fantastic attitude is a great inspiration for me. I’ve

even gone out and bought Tony Robin’s book and hopefully it will help me as well.

Keith Vitali – Actor and World Karate Champion and US National Karate Champion (1978-1980)


I was very impressed with Willie “The Bam” Johnson as he was honest and open

with our Junior High students. I would recommend that he continue to work with

children of all ages to spread the work of substance abuse and making good choices.

Susan Milloy – Principal of Our Lady of Victory School, Washington, DC


As a psychiatrist who has spent many years working with military personnel, both

active duty and retired, it has become obvious to me that physical fitness without

mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness is an empty, flawed goal. The desired goal of

psycho-therapy is to assist the person to change those things that can be changed

about him or herself, accept those things that cannot be changed, and to learn through

 therapy how to distinguish the difference between the two in order to become a more

complete person Wushudo’s empasis on developing the mental and spiritual attributes

as well as the physical is lightly commendable and based on sound psychiatric principles.

I highly recommend it as a system of training and growth.

Paul G. Yessler, MD – Psychiatrist, Washington, DC


“‘BAM’ is a true martial artist, leading by example.”

Lloyd Irvin, Jr


“What a great role model for those seeking the full benefit of martial arts as a way of life.”

Stephen K. Hayes – Author, Security Consultant and American Ninjitsu Pioneer


“The 1994 Summer Aquatics staff walked away with a solid foundation for self-respect, self worth and self motivation”

Fairlands Aquatic Center


“You’ll enjoy the energy and Charisma of “The BAM” as he shares with you a variety of high flying Kung fu maneuvers.”

NAPMA – National Association of Professional Martial Artists


“Put some BAM into your class, I guarantee it will spice up your schools curriculum.”

NAPMA – National Association of Professional Martial Artists


“I would like to thank Professor Bam for the incredible graciousness and generosity he showed us. He has given my wife and I a light at the end of the tunnel. I am also honored to invite Professor Bam to our Tai Chi festival again this year because I know that his energy will be a welcome mix to the event. His character and compassion, is a perfect fit with a gathering whose friendly and spiritual atmosphere promoted himself to characterize it as what’s missing in the martial arts world”.

James F. Donnelly – Director American Soceity of Internal Arts


“The history, integrity, and tradition of the Martial Arts prevail at BAM’S UMAC. Staffed by positive, highly motivated individuals, and led by a Martial Arts leader in the Laurel Community. Bam’s UMAC is a school which truly personifies Black Belt Excellence. When I recently attended an extraordinary belt promotion testing. I witnessed superior training and technique, indomitable team spirit, unbelievable camaraderie, and improving the lives of men, women, and children every day in the Laurel Community.”

Andre Bishop, EFC Marketing Manager


“The BAM is a well rounded martial artist who is a positive role model of what sports karate is all about”



“An outstanding, energetic instructor with a commitment to bring out your best”.

Nicholas Cokinos, EFC Chairman


“As a national role model, you are fulfilling the responsibility to constructively use your influence with children. Your philosophy of educating, instilling proper attitudes and empowering America’s youth to make their own choices, is right on target!”

Chief of Police, National Drug Task Force, Randy Anderson


“The BAM is doing an exceptional job as an instructor and motivational leader. He is truly one of a kind.”

Larry Carnahan, NASKA president


“The BAM will lead people down a path of self development on their quest to be the best.”

Master Dennis Brown


“The BAM is the KING”

Cynthia Rothrock –¬† Actress, undisputed Queen of martial Arts and inductee: Black Belt Hall of Fame and Inside Kung-Fu Hall of Fame


“One of the best Action film stars of today.”



“The BAM’s experiences are captivating and set him apart from the crowd”.

Human Kenetics Books


“I can not think of a better representative for all the life improving benefits the martial arts bestows on an individual.”

Black Belt Magazine


“BAM is my hero.”

Wesley Snipes – Actor and Producer


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