The Complete Martial Artist

“Willie “”the Bam”” Johnson offers his own hard-won battles for success as examples of how dedication to the martial arts can provide the way to achieve personal excellence. The path his life has followed makes him a great role model for students of all ages. This book should have a place in the personal library of every martial arts student.””

Stephen K. Hayes
Security consultant to the Dalai Lama of Tibet
Master at SKH Quest Centers in Dayton, Ohio
Founder of martial art to-shin do
Black Belt Hall of Fame member


“Willie ‘The Bam’ Johnson will lead readers down the path of self-development on their quest to be the best. I highly recommend this book to everyone striving for personal excellence and balance in life.”

Master Dennis Brown
1999 Black Belt Hall of Fame member
Board of directors member of the North American Sports Karate Association


In martial arts there is a wide array of forms and highly specific styles. This diversity encourages an emphasis on the differences between the philosophies, techniques, and practices associated with each art.

In The Complete Martial Artist, Willie “The Bam” Johnson presents a unified, holistic approach to personal excellence—known as Wushudo Universal Martial Arts—for all martial artists. This approach focuses on furthering the physical, mental, and spiritual development of anyone in any martial arts form.

Willie “The Bam” Johnson’s accomplishments have been both record-breaking and history-making. He is a seven-time sport karate and kung fu world champion, a two-time All-American champion, and the first nationally ranked Triple Crown martial arts champion.

In The Complete Martial Artist, Johnson provides

-explanations on how to turn negatives into positives by applying martial arts principles to everyday life;

-an introduction to Wushudo and its 12 universal principles;

-details on how to benefit from qualities like discipline, concentration, and determination in practice and competition;

-drills to improve focus, fluidity, balance, endurance, coordination, and confidence;

-insights on how to develop the free mind, reaction time, and reflexes to outmaneuver opponents; and

-the strategies he uses—and you can use—to keep motivated.Whereas most books concentrate exclusively on either the skills, drills, or spiritual aspects of martial arts, The Complete Martial Artist covers the development of the whole self—physically, mentally, and spiritually. It will show you how, no matter what your martial arts style, you can develop all the essential components to become The Complete Martial Artist.


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