BAM’s Resume

Willie “The BAM” Johnson

Professional Martial Artist, Instructor and Bodyguard

The “BAM’s” Kung Fu Family Center
8750 Cherry Lane, Ste 15C
Laurel, MD 20707
301-776-0909 (cell)



  • 6 time World Champion WAKO, NASKA, NBL
  • 2 time All American Champion
  • 7th degree Black Belt in Karate/ Kang Duk Kwon
  • 5th degree Black Belt in Shaolin Wushu Kung Fu
  • 1st degree Black Belt in Karate/ Death Ke Do
  • Recognized as an Honorary Chinese San Shou Black Belt
  • Made history as America’s first nationally ranked Triple crown Wushu Champion
  • Made it out of the tough, dangerous streets
  • Recognized as one of America’s best Martial Artists, China
  • Recognized as a Complete Martial Arts Instructor and Practitioner
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Grand Master Rank Institute of China
  • Graduated from Beijing Physical Culture Institute of China
  • 25 ½ years of Martial Arts Training
  • Founder of the Stronger Than Drugs Foundation
  • Founder of Wushudo Universal Martial Arts approach
  • Founder of The BAMs UMAC
  • National Spokesperson for Stronger Than Drugs and Champions Against Drugs
  • Instructor of the Year
  • 3 Time FUMA (Foundation of United Martial Artists) Against Crime State Representative
  • Recognized as a Professional of Martial Arts
  • Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Recognized as a Hero of Martial Arts
  • Regional Representative of FUMA
  • Coach of The BAM’s All Stars, known as the team with the most wins, in forms, weapons, grappling and fighting as well as being one of the top demonstration teams in the country.
  • Produced Seven National Champions
  • Featured on A&E’s Legends of the Martial Arts
  • Featured on TNT in Wesley Snipes’ Masters of the Martial Arts
  • Featured on Chuck Norris’ Kick Drugs Out of America
  • Promoted the All American Martial Arts Harmony Open
  • Recognized as the most enthusiastic Cardio and Martial Arts instructors around by NAPMA
  • Recognized by Black Belt Magazine as a Martial Arts protégé



  • Gene Mason- Wing Chung
  • Kenneth Parker- Yoga and Kang Dukkwon
  • Tony Lim- Tian Shan Pia
  • Garcia Davis- Death Ke Do
  • Dennis Brown- Shaolin Wushu and Chinese Weapons
  • Tayari Casel- Competition Attitude
  • Han Jin Song- Chinese Wushu
  • Young Li- Chinese Wushu
  • Peter Moralis- Pai Chi Wushu
  • Cynthia Rothrock- Champion Weapons
  • George Chung- champion Form
  • Nasty Anderson- Sparring
  • Mitchell Davis- Spirituality
  • Renato Muchatos- Muchatos Ju Jitsu
  • Roger Tung- American Wushu
  • Steven Brown- Defensive Tactics
  • William Chung- Wing Chung
  • Nicholas Starks- Shoot and Sambo
  • Linda Denly- Sparring
  • Lloyd Erving- Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Sambo, and ValeTedo
  • Larry Millaton- Western Boxing
  • Master K- Muay Thai
  • Dan Inosanto- Jeet Kwon Do, Fighting- Shoot
  • Michael Krivka- Knife Fighting, Jeet Kwon Do, Stick Fighting
  • Gokor Chivichyan- Sambo
  • Bill Durso- DePasquale Ju Jitsu



  • The style or system in which you study is not as important as the spirit in which you study; because everything in the world is revolving, and so much you. This is “Wushudo.”


Martial Arts Cover Stories:

  • September 1991-             The Power of Love          Silver Spring Record Newspapers
  • January 1994-                    Street Amush! Are You Really Ready?    Martial Arts Masters Magazine
  • March 1994-                       “The BAM” Master of Kung Fu   Kung Fu Magazine
  • June 1994-                          Wushu Ground Fighting                                KKI Magazine
  • November 1994-              Street combat: Are You Ready?                 Tae Kwon Do Times magazine
  • Summer 1995-                   Predator! Profile of Today’s Attacker      Inside Martial Arts Magazine
  • August 10, 1995-               BAM! Martial Artist Aims for the Airwaves        Laurel Reader Newspaper
  • March 1996-                       Overtraining                       MA Magazine
  • 1997-                                     Black Belt Opponent                       KKI Magazine
  • 1997-                                     Inside the Mind of a Predator                    Tae Kwon Do Times
    • 1997 Monthly                            Combative News Columnist        Action Martial Art Magazine

The BAM on IMDB (Internet Movie Database)


1981 Working Toward the Silver Screen Lead WMAR Channel 2, NBC
1983 Welcome Home Lead WMAR, Channel 2, NBC
1985 Like Father, Like Son Father WBAL, Channel 11, CBS
1993-1994 Martial Arts Showcase Actor, Stuntman, Choreographer Channel 32
1995-1998 WMAC Masters Actor, Stuntman, Self Fox TV
1997 Legend of the Martial Arts Self A&E Productions



1976 Culture Arts Festival Dancer Baltimore, MD, Mayor’s Office
1980 Ebony Joe Dunbar Theater
1980 Westside Story Gangleader Dunbar Theater
1980 Martial Arts Extravaganza Drunken Man Howard University
1981 Stop the Killing Festival Drunken Man Druid Hill Park
1984 US Capitol Classics DBSWA
1993 Return of the Samurai Gangleader Harlem, NY
1993-1995 Karate Helps Kick Diabetes Weapons Master Annadale, VA
1996 The Arnold Fitness Show Ohio
1997 Chuck Norris’ Kick Drugs Out of America Illinois



1977 Deadly Game of Death Lead Star McKim Productions
1994 Major League II Fam New Line Cinema
1994 Thicker Than Water Juror
1994 Undefeatable Gangleader Action Star Productions
1996 Super Fights Featured Seasonal Film, Hong Kong



Karate Helps Kick Diabetes Weapons Master KKHD Fundraiser
Champions Attitude Lead Black and Blue Productions
Acrobatics for Film Lead Black and Blue Productions



  • Tae Kwon Do Times        Cover/Story
  • Karate Kung Fu Illustrated            Cover/Story
  • Master of Kung Fu           Cover/Story
  • Martial Arts Master         Cover/ Story



  • WMAC Master 4 Kids Productions   Fox TV
  • Masters of the Martial Arts A&E
  • Fu Yah DVD Magazine – Century Martial Arts Supplier Distribution
  • The Martial Mix DVD Magazine “R& D Distribution”
  • The Sensi Film Writer Guild Association with Willie THE BAM Johnson and Byron Minns – co writer of Black Dynamite
  • The Deadly Game of Death film¸ Willie THE BAM Johnson and Kimber Johnson
  • Loyal Justice Film
  • Chop Zocky Film Willie The BAM Johnson, Nailah Johnson
  • Street Combat DVD Volume 1-3 Paladin Press
  • Street Chi Na Volume 1-2 Paladin Press
  • Street MMA DVD Paladin Press “featuring Melvin William (American Gangster) of the Wire TV Show
  • Beat Down DVD Paladin Press
  • Every Day Weapons Paladin Press
  • The Urban Dragon Animated TV Series Willie “THE BAM” Johnson and Byron Minns co –writer of Black Dynamite
  • Fu Fit Kidz Live Action Kung Fu Hip Hop Children Education Program Willie THE BAM and Byron Minns
  • THE BAMS Life Story Stage Play



  • The Complete Martial Artist – Human Kinetics Publishing
  • The Complete Martial Artist Entrepenuer Manual Willie THE BAM Johnson and Kimber Johnson
  • The Street Combat Predator Manual
  • Ground Fighting KKI Magazine
  • Street Ambush Martial Arts Masters Magazine
  • THE BAM Mastering Kung Fu In China Black Belt Magazine
  • Predator Profile Inside Martial Arts Magazine
  • Combative New Columnist Action Martial Arts Magazine



  • Deadly Game of Death Film
  • Loyal Justice Film
  • Fu Yah DVD Magazine
  • Tha Martial Mix DVD Magazine
  • Street Combat DVD Paladin Press
  • Street Chi Na DVD Paladin Press
  • Street MMA DVD Paladin Press
  • Beat Down DVD Paladin Press



  • WMAC Masters TV 4 Kids Production Fox TV
  • Wesley Snipes Masters of The Martial Arts  4 Kids Production / TNT
  • Masters of The Martial Arts TV A&E
  • Super Fights Film Seasoned Films
  • Chuck Norris Kick Drugs Out of America TV



  • Byron Minns –  Co­-Creator Black Dynamite, Karate Kid – Jaden Smith
  • Issac Florentine  – Director Undisputed 2 – Ninja – WMAC Masters Fox V
  • Keith Streinberg –  – Writer “No Retreat No Surrender – also discovered Jan Claude Vam Dame, Cythnia Rothrock, Keith Vatali, Billy Black & Keith Cook.
  • Dennis Brown – Actor – The Dancing Warrior – Legendary Shaw Brother Films
  • Stars of Martial Arts Shoalin Starring Jet Li While I was training in China
  • Shannon Lee – Daughter of Bruce Lee – worked together on WMAC Masters and How Bruce Lee Changed The World
  • Pat Johnson – fight choreography for karate Kids 1,2,3 & WMAC Masters
  • Wesley Snipes – Master of The Martial Arts on TNT and Master Daddy (movie)
  • Chuck Jeffries class mate – Wesley Snipes Personal Trainer
  • Ryan Pinkston a student since age 4 – Starred in Spy Kids, Soul Plane, MTV PUNK’D, and others.
  • Notorious BIG Movie – Jail Scene – showcasing a 1995 Cover Shot of THE BAMS Transformation Story – inspired Biggie Smalls to change his life.



  • Urban Branding – China
  • Kickboxing & Urban Combative Kung Fu NAPMA Convention, Clearwater Florida
  • Kickboxing & Street Kalestenicz – Chuck Norris Kick Drugs Our of America Chicago, Illinois
  • Kickboxing – Educational Funding Company International Convention , Florida
  • Kickboxing, Street Combat, street Kalestenicz, Sports Karate, Kung Fu Hip Hop and Urban Combative Kung Fu – Karate College – Radford, VA
  • Street Combat Dennis Brown Shaolin Wushu Academy – Maryland
  • Street Chi Na – Arnold Mitchell – Maryland
  • Street Chi Na – Gerald Dawson – Maryland
  • Combat Empathy – Street Combat – Internal Arts Festival – New York
  • Regional Directors NAPMA, CA
  • Sports Karate, Kung Fu Hip Hop , Germany
  • Sports Karate, Kung Fu Hip Hop – Trinadad
  • Sports Karate, Kung Fu Hip Hop, Canada


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