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  1. Award of Recognition by Mayor William Donald Schaefer
  2. Proclamation: Willie “The Bam” Johnson Day; September 30
  3. Bam’s 4th Annual Martha Johnson Memorial Martial Arts Extravaganze
  4. ‘Bam’ Johnson Continues Career in Martial Arts
  5. BAM Martial Arts for the Airwaves
  6. Martial Arts was his ticket out of the Projects
  7. Parents & Martial Arts Instructors: The Perfect Role Models
  8. Black Belt – The Dragon Spirit
  9. Black Belt – Competitor Fights Against Drugs
  10. Black Belt – Nutritional Balance Necessary to Avoid Fatigue
  11. Black Belt – The Wisdom of Willie Johnson
  12. Black Belt – Don’t Think, Just Do
  13. Black Heroes of the Martial Art
  14. The Sentinel – Coming out with a Bam
  15. The Gazette – Fighting Drug Abuse with Kung Fu
  16. The Gazette – Grant-ing a Dream
  17. The Gazette – Instructor Teaches More Than Martial Arts
  18. The Gazette – Life’s More Than a Slam for the Bam
  19. The Washington Post – Junior Ninjas, The New Kick
  20. Karate International – Competitor Profile
  21. Karate Kung Fu Illustrated Cover
  22. Karate Kung Fu Illustrated – Wushu Ground Fighting
  23. Karate Review
  24. Kung Fu Instructor of the Year
  25. Martial Arts Training – Overtraining
  26. Martial Arts Training – Interview with “The Bam”
  27. Martial Arts Training – Winning Workout
  28. MAPro – New NAPMA Director Receives Hometown Honors
  29. The Laurel Leader – Martial Arts Teacher Kicks Off Anti-Drug Effort
  30. Picket News – For Kicks
  31. Sport Karate News – NASKA Super Stars
  32. Student Express – Bam Achieves the “Impossible” Dream
  33. The Chronicle – Karate Star Teaches Youth to be “Stronger than Drugs”
  34. IKF Magazine – The Human Side of a Martial Arts Champion
  35. The Monument Street News – Fighting Peacefully; Local Man Masters, Teaches Martial Arts
  36. The AFRO American – Willie Bam to Study Kung Fu in China


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