Willie “THE BAM” Johnson

Motivational Speaking Series:


15 Minutes to Personal Transformation – From The Inside Out, from his soon to be released Autobiography – GOD Wants Me To Live Because I’ve Already Been Dead, Willie “THE BAM” Johnson will show you first-hand how he overcame the lowest depth of despair to become Seven Time World Champion, Successful Entrepenuer, Author, Father and dedicated Husband.


30 Minutes – The Pursuit of Do.  This hills and valleys on the path of life are necessary for you to know how much further you have to go to grow.  No one knows better than “THE BAM” about hills and valleys and why they are necessary in order to grow, change and adapt to a higher level of living.  He will help you tap into to the highs and lows and face them head on for total transformation and success.


30 Minutes – Universal Principles of Leadership from the Inside Out.  The key to self-development lies in concentrating not so much on what you need to change in the world, but on what you need to change in you.  “THE BAM” fought his entire life to change his surroundings and environment but it wasn’t until he was forced to face himself that he realized that he must change ONLY himself.


45 Minutes – On any topic with a 15 minute – Get Up and Get Active Physical Empowerment Workout: Fitness, Self-Defense, Chi Gong Exercises for personal victories and empowerment.  Fitness is Key to leading a high profile, successful life style with minimum stress.  This is a well rounded workshop of the Mind, Body and Spirit.


Key Note Speaking – 45-90 minutes – Topic of Your Choice.

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