The award for the most upbeat martial artist goes to Willie “THE BAM” Johnson for his motivational and inspirational words and actions.  If you know him, you know he will brighten your day, the same way he had to do for himself in order to break the cycle of abuse, addiction, homelessness and incarceration.  Regardless of his circumstances, “THE BAM” always knows how to dig deeper and find a deeper love inside – he taps into his elements of Pride and Perseverance to overcome any obstacle and will show you the path to have self motivation and inspiration from within.



Attitude is everything even in the mist of hopelessness and despair.  “THE BAM” learned to pay meticulous attention to every detail in order to achieve technical perfection from within.  Our celebration is not from external glory, but from internal growth.  Regardless of how low or how high your situation may be, “THE BAM” will show you how to maintain a proper attitude and become a better attitude maker for others.



Abuse ranks high in social problems today and almost everyone has experienced it on some level.  Mr. Johnson (THE BAM) experienced abuse in many forms from childhood to adolescence; often in the most brutal of circumstances.  He has found a way to flip the negative of it into eternal power to succeed and help others avoid it.  Through this program you will learn these same tools and learn to surge past painful experiences while standing up for who you are.



Mr. Johnson knows first–hand what it’s like to be bullied which he was for most of his childhood well into his teen years, until he became the bully.   After years of research as a teacher, leader and parent, his successful, peaceful anti-bullying concepts have become beneficial to thousands of people.  With this program you will learn both sides of the bully and a peaceful  solution to dealing with a bully or assisting your community with the situation.



We are living in reactive and insecure times, where physical outbursts and disrespectful behavior rank high on the list.  Through years of experience on both sides of the fence, Mr. Johnson has structured 18 commandments that will help you become more aware of violence and how to prevent it peacefully.  These same commandments will help you improve in all areas of life.



Branding through transformation since the age of six is what “THE BAM” has been doing.  A natural creative tool used to overcome his negative environment and circumstances, his unique skills and brand has went on to position “THE BAM” brand as a leader in the martial arts industry.  “THE BAM”  is considered one of the greatest martial artists of his time and will go down in history as a legend; because of his skill level but more importantly because of his personal triumph in life.

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