The Competitive Edge

It takes strength and motivation to survive, especially in today’s business world.  To compete, we must always be on top of our game; focused and aware of our surroundings.  But many times we become complacent and soft.  We lose our motivation and drive and forget what it takes to be the best.  Complacency is a death sentence in the business world and many times we must be reminded to stop, evaluate and refocus getting back on point in order to stay two steps ahead of the competition.

Empowerment Life Coach

For many businesses keeping team members motivated and focused is a challenge in itself.  With the pitfalls and additional challenges of today’s world, business leaders must get the most out of their teams.

Willie "The BAM" Johnson speaking at EFC SummitWillie “THE BAM” Johnson knows what it takes to survive and thrive.   Raised on the tough streets of Baltimore, Willie “THE BAM” Johnson had nothing but his dreams.  His options were limited – he was either going to go to jail or end up dead.  Jail was the hand that he was dealt but jail was not the going to be the end.  Rising from the ashes, Willie “THE BAM” Johnson was forced to stop, evaluate and refocus his efforts.  Since that time Willie “THE BAM” Johnson became a seven time World Champion in WAKO, NASKA and NBL, two-time All American Champion, earned his 5th degree Black Belt in Karate, 7th degree Black Belt in Shaolin Wushu Kung Fu and has starred or been featured in numerous TV programs and films.

Willie “THE BAM” Johnson tours across the country sharing his knowledge and experience with top business and organizations, helping to indentify the issues and solutions to correct them.  He has developed award winning programs designed to reenergize complacent teams and get them back on track and winning.

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