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Why You Need Street Combat

“The Bam” or “Professor Bam” are not the kind of names you earn without a reason, and Willie “The Bam” Johnson proves it. Combining his real life experiences on the streets with his training on the mat, Mr. Johnson has developed Street Combat as a practical, realistic system that you can use to defend yourself.

Martial arts have taken a place in mainstream western culture as something of a hobby, as a fitness routine, but as far as real, practical application goes, few dojo systems will prepare you fully and completely for anything you might encounter.

True, just about any martial arts system will at least give you some edge in a physical confrontation, but Street Combat has been developed by Mr. Johnson specifically for self preservation. Johnson has instructed everyone from civilians to police officers to military personnel in the art, teaching not only the skills, but the attitude necessary to stay safe in a life or death scenario.

To be clear, Street Combat comes with a ruthless philosophy that some people might not be so quick to warm up to: Where many martial arts systems may teach you to end a confrontation by dealing as little damage as possible, Street Combat focuses on ending a confrontation by any means necessary.

This could mean doing many things that other systems tell you not to do, such as throwing a high kick when an opportunity presents itself. It could mean performing a jumping attack or getting close and disarming an assailant.

If at all possible, you don’t want to have to disarm an assailant, you don’t want to have to perform any riskier maneuvers such as jumping and delivering high kicks, but if that’s the position that somebody pushes you into, Street Combat equips you with the skills to fight your way out of that corner, whatever it takes. Street Combat is about being strong enough to fight when you have to, fast enough to run when you can, and smart enough to know the difference.

Street Combat can be used in lieu of other martial arts systems, but the overall intention is not to replace karate or kickboxing, but to fill in the gaps left by other fighting arts which are more focused on the mat than they are on the streets. Willie “The Bam” Johnson teaches Street Combat not as an art, but as a tool you need in order to stay safe on the streets.


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